Capital Raising

Perpetuity Capital assists clients in developing the most appropriate capital solutions to address each client’s unique business requirements.

Aligning the right investor with the right opportunity is critical. Such alignment can only be achieved through thorough research, acumen, experience and understanding of the enterprise and the investor’s key requirements.

Our vast global network allows us to take our opportunities to investors with a specific interest in the sector, region, investment type, investment size and horizon. We tailor our approach for maximum impact.

Debt & Equity

Almost all companies take advantage of market opportunities as they become available – whether for acquisition, to fuel organic growth, finance vehicles and equipment or manage cash flow fluctuations. At some point in their growth cycles, all of these organisations will need to raise funds through debt or equity.

Unique Opportunities

Through our accredited commercial relationships with Australia’s top bank and non-bank financial institutions, we work with the shareholders, Board and senior executives to develop the most appropriate funding solution tailored to the company’s specific strategic objectives. We assist our clients in finding investors or lenders that are best aligned to their unique circumstances. Frequently we present stakeholders with options they might not have been exposed to or considered otherwise.

Perpetuity Capital.

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