Financial Licensing

From seeking to provision financial advice to managing investment schemes, Perpetuity Capital can assist you in acquiring the proper ASIC and Corporations Act sanctioned licensing.

The Corporations Act and ASIC require that any natural person or institution (the Person who provides services deemed as licensed activities in Australia you must hold and Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) or be authorised.  These ASIC regulations are designed to protect investor, advisers and related entities. Such activities may include

  • Provision of financial advice: if you are giving any information including  advice, trading signals or an opinion regarding a financial product it is most likely general advice and will need to operate under an AFSL;
  • Dealing( including issuing, acquiring varying or disposing of)  with financial products or the Person’s or third party’s behalf give financial advice;
  • Managing an investment scheme including managing a private equity fund, venture capital fund or providing advice regarding investment in or managing other people’s investment strategy, you most likely need to operate under an AFSL;

Many advisers choose to apply for their own AFSL directly.  This is a long and costly exercise. Perpetuity Capital is happy to discuss what is required for you to deliver you business model in a compliant and legal manner.   That’s why Perpetuity Capital’s Authorised Representative solutions offer general advice providers a cost effective and efficient means to operate in compliance with ASIC Licensing regulations.

After an initial discussion, we will advise you if you need an authorised representative license to conduct you business, and if so, the scope of such a license

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